Upcoming Italian Festivals

Upcoming Italian Festivals

Each year, thousands of tourists travel to Italy to take part in and celebrate the Italian festivals which occur. These festivals have significant meaning to the Italians as they represent the Italian culture, heritage, religion and of course their celebration of food. Although it may already be quite late in the year, there are still some upcoming Italian festivals to enjoy!

Volto Santo Lucca

The festival of Volto Santo, held in Lucca, Tuscany, is widely popular each year. It is held on the 13th -14th September and is highly based upon religion. To kick off this festival, a torch procession follows a wooden figure of Christ (the Volto Santo). The residents of Lucca all dress in historical costumes and carry a crucifix through the streets of the town. Windows lining the streets display candles to add to the mystical atmosphere the residents are creating.

The procession for Volto Santo begins at the San Frediano church and comes to an end outside the Piazza San Martino. Once the procession has ended, the first day is brought to a close with a fireworks display. On day two of the festival, as well as the following week, a large market is held.

Gelato Festival Finals!

Gelato is famously known to be a delicious Italian dessert, and to celebrate this, Florence are hosting a Gelato Festival! Between the 14th and 17th September, the finals are being held off the competition. The competition began in April and has been held all over the world, in London, Poland, Germany and of course Italy.

Visiting this festival will include tasting all of the unique Gelato flavours on offer, taking part in food courses (where you learn from the gelato masters themselves!) as well as taking part in several activities available. But don’t forget to vote for your favourite flavour, that’s what the competition is about after all!

Rome Film Festival

An internationally respected film festival, this occurs between the 26th October and the 5th November. Each year this festival premieres new movie releases hosts a competition and a wide range of events. The Rome Film Festival launched in 2006 and since then has grown to become a highly popular Italian event, with its own red carpet and projection rooms.

The festival will host a large programme featuring meetings, tributes, conferences and several events to take part in.

 Little Italy In Knutsford

Italian festivals are widely popular all across the country, with many people wanting to travel each year to take part in them. However, there is a lovely little Italy right here in Knutsford that you could visit! We may not have a gelato festival, but we serve our own delicious Giovanni’s gelato which we’re sure will be a winner in your eyes!

Come and visit Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant at 125A King Street, Knutsford, WA16 6EH to check out our new menus! You can make a reservation or call us on 01565 632 576.

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