Giovanni’s Are Supporting Knutsford Heritage Day

Giovanni’s Are Supporting Knutsford Heritage Day

The Knutsford Heritage Centre, located just down the road from Giovanni’s at 90A King Street, is hosting open days between the 7th and 10th September. At Giovanni’s we’re proud to be supporting this event and our town’s wonderful heritage.

History Of The Knutsford Heritage Centre And What They Do

The Knutsford Heritage Centre is located in a reconstructed 17th Century timber framed building and was previously known as Musgrave’s Yard. Before it housed the current Heritage Centre, the building was once used an ironmonger and tinsmith, evidenced through the forge, anvil and original set of bellows which were preserved and have been put on display.

In order for the previous ironmonger’s site to be transformed into The Heritage Centre, an investment of £100,000 was made by The Groundwork Trust so that the area could be renovated after it was left to ruin.

The Knutsford Heritage Centre now runs as an independent charity and is continuing to grow and develop in order to maintain their protection and promotion of the plentiful and diverse heritage of Knutsford.

What Do The Open Days Consist Of?

The open days are filled with lots of fun and exciting activities to take part in and are advertised as ‘something for all the family’. On the 8th and 9th of September, the centre is hosting heritage tours in which those taking part will be given in depth information regarding the historical treasures located inside and outside of the centre.

Tapestry talks are also being held which will provide visitors with information all about the town’s famous history as well as some of the more well-known people who lived in Knutsford. The tapestry being shown is 40ft long and depicts the buildings in Knutsford.

There are also spinning demonstrations to celebrate the once thriving cotton, silk and flax spinning & weaving industries which the town was a part of.

Giovanni’s Heritage

We’re honoured to be sponsoring the Knutsford Heritage Days as our building makes up part of the town’s heritage. 125A King Street was formerly known as The Old Post Office, yet now it houses our lovely Italian restaurant. The building itself was once owned by Richard Harding Watt, who was famously known for transforming Knutsford’s townscape into unusual buildings. Watt wasn’t an architect himself, however, he worked alongside four professional architects named as Walter Aston, William Longworth, Harry S. Fairhurst and John Brooke.

Giovanni’s remained as the old post office until the 1990’s and features two K6 telephone kiosks outside. These phone boxes were designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in 1935 and are Grade II listed.

Make sure to visit The Knutsford Heritage Centre between the 7th and 10th of September to take part in their open days and learn all about the wonderful history of Knutsford. After taking part in these fun-filled family activities, why not join us for a delicious meal at Giovanni’s and see the historical building and phone kiosks yourself?

We’re located at 125A King Street, on the same road as The Knutsford Heritage Centre. Check out our new menus or make a reservation in advance, contact us or call us on 01565 632 576.

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