Where did some of our signature cocktails originate from?

Where did some of our signature cocktails originate from?

Cocktails are an extremely popular alcoholic beverage enjoyed by many (of age) across the world, at Giovanni’s we have put together a range of signature cocktails to ensure there is something to meet everyone’s taste. We have taken some Italian classics along with some more commonly known and enjoyed cocktails from all over the world. But where did these delicious cocktails originate from?

The origins of our popular cocktails


The margarita is one of our most popular cocktails on offer at Giovanni’s as this drink has been a classic for decades. The origins of this staple cocktail are said to have come from the 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book which contained a recipe for a Picador, this recipe had the same concentrations of triple sec, tequila and lime juice as the margarita does today. It is also said that the margarita was invented in 1938 by Carlos Herrera at his restaurant Rancho La Gloria, located halfway between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico. The drink was supposedly created for a customer, a former Ziegfeld dancer Marjorie King, as she was allergic to many spirits, just not tequila. These are just some of the alleged origin stories, as many drinks and recipes may have been created long before we had any evidence or proof of this, and so it is quite difficult to determine accurately when it was first created. The margarita is especially popular at Giovanni’s due to the refreshing citrus from the lime juice, the perfect accompaniment to any of our dishes!

Mint Julep

The mint julep is another largely popular cocktail at Giovanni’s due to the refreshing kick of mint paired with the sweet syrup, the perfect light alcoholic drink – especially if you’re a fan of bourbon! This cocktail is usually associated along with the South of the US in general, particularly common at the Kentucky Derby, which is an annual horse race held in Kentucky. It is said that the Mint Julep originated in Southern US around the 18th Century, the drink was introduced to Washington D.C. by the US Senator Henry Clay, who was from Kentucky, whilst he was at the Round Robin Bar in the famous Willard Hotel. One recipe found in literature in 1784 describes the drink as being prescribed as a form of medication. Commonly made today with bourbon whiskey, mint leaves and a simple syrup – made up from icing sugar & water, this drink was also enjoyed in the 18th Century as a gin-based julep made with an aged gin called genever.

Tequila Sunrise

Another popular tequila-based drink, the tequila sunrise not only tastes incredible but is one of the more appealing to look at due to the gradient of colours mixing resembling a sunrise. This is another of our popular cocktails due to the sweet citrus from the orange juice and the even sweeter syrup from the grenadine. The tequila sunrise that we know today originated in the early 1970’s in Sausalito, California, however, it was originally created around the 1930’s by Gene Sulit at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. The original drink contained tequila, lime juice, crème de cassis and soda water, but the modern version contains tequila, orange juice, and grenadine. The more popular modernised version of this classic cocktail was created by Billy Rice and Bobby Lozoff in the early 1970’s whilst working as bartenders at The Trident in Sausalito. Usually served alongside a slice of orange or a cherry, adding to the deliciously sweet cocktail.

Come and enjoy one of our signature cocktails

Everyone loves a good cocktail and with our wide variety available at Giovanni’s there really is no excuse to miss out on a fabulous night with us. We have a range of classic cocktails, and some more out-there and modernised cocktails, so there really is something for everyone. Not only do we have an extensive range of cocktails, but we also have some delicious mocktails on offer for anyone who may be underage or for the designated driver of the group – so you don’t have to miss out on the delicious drinks!

Come on in and join us for some boozy fun at 125A King Street, Knutsford, WA16 6EH or give us a call on 01565 632 576 to book a table. Check out our cocktail menu online or have a browse through our A La Carte, Early Bird or even Lunch Time Menus!

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