Recreate our popular Antipasto Misto at home

Recreate our popular Antipasto Misto at home

Indulging in some delicious Italian cuisine is always a treat, but at times, it could be easier to stay in than go out to eat. If you’re wanting to bring some of the incredible tastes of Italy, and of Giovanni’s to your home, then why not try to recreate our antipasto misto platter for you and the family to enjoy?

How can I make my own Antipasto Misto platter?

Before beginning to put together your own antipasto misto platter, you should ensure you know how many people to make it for. As this is a sharing platter, you may wish to add more or take away from our current version of the platter to cater to the people you are sharing the platter with, if some people are more fond of one aspect of the platter and another isn’t as fond on something else, it may be wise to customise it to yours and the other people’s taste.

Ingredients you will need are:

Chilled melon – we use honeydew melon at Giovanni’s
Palma Ham
Borlotti beans (or kidney beans) and onions
Black olives
Artichoke heart

Creating your own antipasto misto platter is very simple, all it takes is the ingredients listed above with any changes you wish to make to make the dish your own, a serving platter tray and some decorative skills.

Once you have all the ingredients you wish to use, all it takes is organising them in an appealing way and serving them to all your family or friends.

Fancy a treat?

If all of that seems like a bit too much to do on your own at home, or you just fancy treating yourself, come and join us at Giovanni’s, you can find us at 125A King Street, Knutsford, WA16 6EH, and tuck in to our Antipasto Mitto platter from the A La Carte Menu, it’s the perfect sharing starter between friends due to the variety of options available!

Check out our full menu and make a reservation online today, or call us on 01565 632 576.

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