Giovanni’s Dish of the Day: Cotoletta di Pollo

Giovanni’s Dish of the Day: Cotoletta di Pollo

At Giovanni’s, we have a range of dishes that are largely popular with our customers. These dishes occasionally vary, however, some are consistently enjoyed by all! One of these dishes, which is growing in popularity, is the Cotoletta di Pollo.

What is Cotoletta di Pollo and its origins?

Cotoletta di Pollo is chicken escalope in breadcrumbs served with spaghetti, ham and tomato sauce. This dish is very similar to our veal Milanese, which substitutes the chicken for veal. The name cotoletta comes from ‘costoletta’ which translates to ‘little rib’. This is because of the rib that is attached to the meat during and after cooking. It comes from Italian origin and generally a word for veal breaded cutlet.

Due to the similarities between cotoletta di pollo and cotoletta alla Milanese, it is difficult to accurately determine the origins of cotoletta di pollo. However, cotoletta alla Milanese, originated from Milan and is one of their signature dishes. It seems likely that cotoletta di pollo is a varation of the popular veal Milanese, which then became popular in its own right.

The most common cotoletta eaten in Italy uses a larger but thinner cut of meat, which is then deboned and tenderised before it is fried. The popularity of this is likely due to the ease of preparation of the dish.

Come and try our dish of the day

If this blog post has begun to make your stomach rumble, or you’re suddenly craving chicken and spaghetti, then waste no more time! Come and join us for a delicious meal at Giovanni’s today. You can find our popular cotoletta di pollo on our Wednesday Lunch Menu where you can enjoy 3 courses for only £11.95!

Giovanni’s is the ideal spot for business meetings, a treat with your family or friends, a break from the busy work week or even a romantic evening with your loved one.

Check out our full menu online or get in touch to book a table today, call us on 01565 632 576 or book online!

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