Famous Movie Scene Locations In Italy

Famous Movie Scene Locations In Italy

Italy is world famous for its beautiful locations, landmarks and of course food, as anyone that has visited Italy or indeed Giovanni’s Italian in Knutsford will attest to!

The glorious landscapes across Italy have been featured in many films over the years, thanks to the gorgeous scenery and photogenic landscapes.

These beautiful locations have helped to create numerous iconic tourist destinations thanks to their use as film sets.

Read on as we take a look in a bit more detail at some of those stunning locations.

Ischia, Italy

‘The Talented Mr Ripley’, released in 1999, used a glorious beach called Bagno Antonio, found in between Ischia Ponte and Ischia Porte, as one of their filming locations for a key scene in the movie. The scene saw Dickie, played by Jude Law, and Marge, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, meeting Mr Ripley for the first time.

The town of Ischia, which makes up part of the city of Naples, found recent fame thanks to The Talented Mr Ripley, but historically, Ischia is well known for its thermal baths, which cater to tourists from around the world. These baths are created due to the volcanic nature of the island Ischia is located on.

This island is home to the ‘Denominazione di origine controllata’ or DOC which produces both white & red wines. This label provides an assurance of quality for Italian wines and can be found on several of the bottles offered on our wine list.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

The palace, located in the province of Caserta in Southern Italy, is one of the largest palaces commissioned in Europe in the 18th Century. This stunning palace features in two largely popular Star Wars films, ‘Attack of The Clones’ and ‘The Phantom Menace’, as Queen Amidala’s Royal Palace on Naboo and Queen Jamillia’s Palace.

The Palace has actually featured as a filming location for several other movies since 1955, likely due to its glorious interior and exterior design.

Caserta is located in the Campania region of Naples, which is known for its creation of pizza and ‘spaghetti aglio e olio’ (which is just spaghetti with garlic & oil) as is ‘spaghetti alle vongole’ (spaghetti with clams). As an Italian restaurant we take pride in our genuine Italian pizzas and pasta, which can both be found on our A La Carte Menu.

Eateries Across Rome & Naples

In the 2010 film, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, is seen to be travelling as a way of escape from her recent divorce, Italy, of course, playing the part of the ‘eat’ role in the film. Whilst in Italy, the film features several eateries and the apartments Elizabeth stays in, which is located at the West River of the city, close to the River Tiber.

The featured eateries included San Crispino Gelateria, Ristorante Santa Lucia and Caffe della Pace in via della Pace.

Cuisine obviously plays a large role in the Italian culture, as meal times are usually spent as a family. These eateries around Italy have become staple tourist locations due to the film. If you fancy indulging in some of the delicious Italian food that can be seen in the film it can be found on our Pranzo Extra and A La Carte Menus.

Find Your Own Little Italy, in Knutsford!

To enjoy some of these incredible wines from Ischia, pizza &, pasta from Naples and Roman gelato you don’t have to travel too far at all. Giovanni’s in Knutsford is the ideal ‘Little Italy’ location to treat yourself to all these delicacies. Our new menus have only just launched, which include a range of delightful cocktails and a brand new wine list!

Treat yourself to the incredible Italian cuisine at a location a bit closer to home with us. You can find us at 125A King Street, Knutsford, WA16 6EH, make a table reservation online or call 01565 632 576.

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